We ensure low latency with advanced tech, equipment via highest security


To ensure ultra-low latency trading, InvestAlgo has partnered with leading global marketers to establish fibre links (cross-links) directly to Tier-1 banks and ECNs. Our rapidly evolving infrastructure continues to evolve and to enable our customers to receive a healthy service with our links to each of our data centres.

We have signed contracts with various Tier 1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for Internet connectivity, and we have achieved many of the most convenient and redundant roots anywhere in the world. In the event of ISP failures, the traffic providing the stability and continuity of the service has been adjusted to balance the load through our special ISP lines. In addition, when significant financial events occur, our networks have been carefully crafted to come up on top of large traffic increases.

We use super Tier class quadruples the performance capabilities of current InvestAlgo dedicated server service. Thus, clients are able to get their trades executed faster than ever before.

The launch of our super-fast Tier has further diversified our product offering to our clients. When we combine the options we have, between low-latency exchange connectivity with prime data centre hosting and low-latency dedicated fibre; we become truly the best global financial technology firm in the sector. With the addition of the Platinum Tier, clients can connect to InvestAlgo’s global infrastructure of financial exchanges, venues and Liquidity Providers.


Our infrastructure is designed to be flexible at all levels in order to meet the requirements of the financial sector. We have provided the most advanced technology equipment for application servers. It is equipped with the service never to interrupt or ready to continue with minimum interruption. Core networking components (routers, firewalls, and switches) run in synchronous mode to provide real-time redundancy. For data storage, backup solutions have been chosen to provide the highest level of availability and consistency. It is also guaranteed to replace all defective units purchased with SLAs from all equipment from manufacturers.


The highest technology network equipment in our company; allows the establishment of a secure environment with in-house experts and restrict access to sensitive data. Strict access policies are applied at all levels of the infrastructure for both external and internal communication, ensuring that each installation is isolated. Following the highest security standards, we constantly monitor software updates with periodic maintenance to minimize security vulnerabilities, while at the same time audit operations are performed in all components and configurations.