Technical Support

We take every step of technical support
very seriously

Full Technical Support and consultancy

InvestAlgo is a tailored solution that is aimed to fit our partners in all aspects. They receive full support and consultancy from our side throughout the deployment process, maintenance, and further development. Our partners are welcome to report any issues with the platform, request enhancements or new custom upgrades. The whole process is handled by the semi-automated ticket system and our dedicated staff.

Platform monitoring

Part of our support process is the platform monitoring which provides us with information about the condition of crucial segments of our solution functioning on a partner's behalf. Thanks to that, we have quick access to any signs of problems and good idea about their location.

Servers monitoring

InvestAlgo Solutions offers to monitor most important server parameters, such as free RAM, CPU load, free disc space, inodes, network interface load, network availability etc.

Client center

InvestAlgo Solutions Client centre is our innovative project which allows partners to send bug reports and enhancement requests in a convenient and transparent way within a semi-automated system. Any technical issues regarding InvestAlgo may be solved within that system. After receiving a ticket, our team develops a patch and includes it to the next update package. Moreover, the whole documentation and manuals regarding InvestAlgo will be available inside that system.

Platform updates

InvestAlgo Solutions offers their partners periodical software updates which are the result of persistent quality assurance processes run by the company. Updates are implemented during weekends and only after a previous partner's consent - updates are optional

Ongoing technical support

Our partners have dedicated 24h support team available. InvestAlgo Solutions ensures brokers with all required assistance, saving their time and reducing maintenance costs