We co-locate with world's leading sites as
our infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

To meet the high demands of the FX market place, InvestAlgo has chosen Equinix LD4 (in London, United Kingdom), Equinix NY4 (in New York, United States) Equinix TY3 (in Tokyo, Japan), and Equinix SH5 (in Shanghai, China), the world’s leading sites for FX co-located low latency connectivity, as our infrastructure hubs. All our data centres are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware at each level: application servers, storage solutions, network devices; dedicated fibre connections and redundant Internet Service Provider (ISP) connectivity. Each of our data centre setups is designed with the focus on real-time applications; enabling us to offer our clients a secure, redundant and low latency environment.

"Our aim is giving the best service possible with the latest Algo Hi-Tech. Providing a service that people want isn't the main challenge, the main goal is finding an extra edge on top of the expectations and delivering always more with the tools to let people become their best."