Improve your decision making process

With Prop Desk and FX Chaser Technology

InvestAlgo Bridge

InvestAlgo's Bridge solution supports multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation, leading to better spreads and superior execution.

  • Fully aggregated market depth across liquidity providers
  • Monitor risk parameters in real-time
  • Customisable layouts, tailored to meet everyone’s needs
  • Export custom reports for regulatory reporting

InvestAlgo FX Chaser

The FX Chaser supports direct connectivity for flexible real-time reporting to prime brokers, third party post-trade service providers and back-office systems.

  • Balance, Equity, Credit, Margin Level, Margin information of each LP you work with can be accessed in real time.
  • By offsetting your position in Lp with customer positions in parity-based media, it is ensured that A-Book, B-Book lot amount is monitored instantaneously.
  • A-Book, B-Book, C-Book, Swap, Commission can track the net amount of your income instantly.

InvestAlgo LP Checker

It is the product that checks the consistency of the reconciliation data in terms of price and lot by ensuring that the transactions in the daily reconciliation data usually delivered via LP are matched to the transactions that go through the bridge.

  • Checked LP's end-of-day report
  • In LP's day-end report, open price, the lot, close price If the bridge does not match the orders, it generates an alert.
  • This stimulus repeats for each LP defined in the system.