FX Chaser

InvestAlgo's Post Trade Interface supports elastic real-time
reporting and back

Post Trade Interface

The FX Chaser supports direct connectivity for flexible real-time reporting to prime brokers, third party post-trade service providers and back-office systems. FX Chaser clients can connect with liquidity providers through their own prime broker relationships, as well as service clients that require single or multiple prime broker give-ups. Balance, Equity, Credit, Margin Level, Margin information of each LP you work with can be accessed in real time. By offsetting your position in Lp with customer positions in parity-based media, it is ensured that A-Book, B-Book lot amount is monitored instantaneously. If there is a difference between the lot quantity in your A-Book positions and your Lp positions, the system will generate an alarm.

A-Book, B-Book, C-Book, Swap, Commission can track the net amount of your income instantly. Lp, Group, Symbol, Customer basis, you can get a retrospective report. Limit orders can be tracked gradually on a parity & price based.

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