InvestAlgo's Fx Bridge

InvestAlgo's Bridge solution offers best bid aggregation
and superior execution


Our Bridge solution is designed to support multi-tiered best bid/offer aggregation which provides our clients with better spreads and high-calibre execution. If desired, clients can create an optimal mix of liquidity by using the collection of supported providers.

InvestAlgo’s Bridge also gives our clients the opportunity of customising an unlimited number of liquidity pool based on a per symbol and time frame basis.

  • Combined prices across any number of LPs
  • Fully combined market depth across LPs
  • Protection against off-market prices
  • Even when the volatility occurs, access to competitive liquidity is provided.
  • The chance to create a more competitive environment through a wide range of LPs
  • Sweep the book, ensuring the best VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)

Risk Management

Our clients can fine-tune their settings due to the flexibility offered by our Bridge regarding a-book, b-book and custom executions models. Since changes are applied in real time, the trade modes can be switched between execution modes very smoothly. With the help of extensive reporting capabilities, brokers can efficiently monitor and manage their books through the visibility provided over all trade flows.

Our bridge system also provides advanced features such as; setting limits on individual currency exposure, levelling risk of being internalised/sent to external LPs and symbol exposure.

  • Risk parameters can be monitored in real-time
  • Manual adjustments option in order to offset risks to LPs
  • Any volume sent to LPs as overflow can be tracked in real-time
  • While remaining within pre-defined risk limits, client flow can be netted
  • Global limits can be set such as; per symbol, time-frame exposure and per currency limits
  • Exposure during volatile times can be limited.
  • Risked volumes can be automatically overflown to the LPs
  • A-book exposures to the LPs can be configured

Web UI

With the trading interface we developed, now you can offer more to both professional traders and institutional clients. InvestAlgo offers you a perceptive trading interface combined with real-time position tracking and reporting capabilities. Thus, you will be able to stand out from your competition with this simple solution for multi-asset trading.

  • Perceptive and user-friendly platform interface
  • An advanced market watch feature that comes with market depth
  • Statistics and historic position reporting
  • Advanced trade request options such as time to live and price deviation are included
  • Global limits can be set such as; per symbol, time-frame exposure and per currency limits
  • Layouts can be customised to satisfy everyone’s needs
  • Real-time position snapshot, including margin and running PnL
  • Multiple order types are supported


One part of InvestAlgo's Bridge is the integrated reporting interface where you can create dedicated and customised reports and analysis of your trading data. In order to help you to get an improved insight into both trading activity and setup efficiency, InvestAlgo Bridge provides you with the opportunity of creating detailed custom reports where precise data filtering and exporting options are featured.

Focusing on every aspect of the trading environment such as real-time positions, rejections and executions, these reports allow you to access a high level of details of an individual activity or group data. Thus, you can create the ultimate management summary reports.

  • Reports can be customised for more precise analysis and insight
  • Specific data and trading activity of your choice can be analysed for multiple purposes such as risk management.
  • Snapshot reports can be booked for a specific deal analysis.
  • Extensive management reports can be compiled
  • For regulatory reporting purposes, custom reports can be exported
  • Statistics across custom data sets can be analysed

Real-Time Monitoring

You are presented with a number of monitoring components on InvestAlgo's Bridge. These components help you to monitor actions and activities real-time using multiple dashboards and log viewing tools. Moreover, you can also receive included real-time email notifications. On top of these, you can also track provider connections, pricing and trading activities.

As much important as real-time tracking is, InvestAlgo Bridge also gives you the ability to extend your analysis to the previous activities. This means that you can see previous log activities to trace past trade and pricing activities as well as previous connectivity to providers and connectors.

All these features are compiled in a user-friendly interface for your convenience.

  • Email alerts that can be customised for multiple purposes
  • Access to all previous log files to provide you with a retrospective view of trading activities and connectivity stability
  • Configuration changes can be validated in real-time
  • Every activity can be tracked real-time
  • Monitor connector and LP connectivity status in real-time
  • All information can be download and exported for further analysis purposes

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