Improve Efficiency by using an all-in-one platform.

With Prop Desk and FX Chaser Technology

Deep Trading Platform

Start a new business with low start-up costs and dramatically shorter route to market.

  • Expand the offering of an existing company
  • Optimize IT and R&D budgets
  • Protect Trading Platform user habits.
  • It minimizes losses with Artificial Intelligence and Algo Trading.

InvestAlgo Fx Crm

InvestAlgo's FX CRM solution provides organizations with a platform where all customer interactions are recorded in one source and the sales process can be tracked; better internal communication, better customer service, better-managed sales organization and more sales.

  • Firms do not want their sales representatives to see the number they want to call
  • They do not want to give manager account to each of their sales representatives
  • Sales representatives want to track the premium they get from their customer deposits and volumes
  • IBs want to follow the status of Leaders they earn