C-Book Manager Risk Management

InvestAlgo's C-Book Manager clears up retail Forex Brokerage
Risk management

  • Real-Time Overview & Artificial Intelligence and Algo Trading.
  • Advanced margin trade.
  • Highly customizable business logic for unique
  • Real-time transparency for trading
  • Pre-defined modules for workflow automation – e.g. trade enrichment, allocations, risk splitting, netting.
  • QoS layer allows high-risk trades to be

We clear up your retail Forex brokerage's risk management. View your overall exposure in real-time and create personalized reports so you know how your FX business is doing. Besides, one has also complete independence to maintain his own books. Whether you are interested in being ECN, STP or market maker, we have solutions for everything in place. It is completely your choice. You can monitor its balance, equity and total exposure via various tools.

Forex firms do not open up to you the tools to organize your business in the pre-trade phase. (Bridge is a good example of this) "C-Book Manager" is a post-trade management tool.

You will create the rules from the interface that analyses your customers' orders history. For example: (EUR/USD= while 1.55-1.60 take the SELL orders to the B-Book for every customer or specific customer's', and in addition to that B-Book position, put this into the C-Book Hedge Account and open 2x "double amount" order to the opposite side with the B-Book order) etc.

In doing so, you can also get help from our Artificial Intelligence Assisted Algo Trading service. Previously if your customer's already profitable in the same market conditions, then orders are modelled and progressed into the A-Book instead of having to get the B-Book...

Your positions are held offset by the Hedge Account. This means that; if the total net open position of your customers on a pair is "0", then you will not have to carry any position in your Hedge Account.

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